Hasselhoof oct 2020

Retired Horses

Pencarrow Stud is a leader in the welfare and care of thoroughbreds, with many of our bred and sold horses returning to our farm following their successful careers to enjoy their retirement in the lush pastures while looking after our yearlings and young stock.

Hasselhoof (NZ)

A crowd favourite of his generation and a brilliantly performed son by prolific sire Tavistock, Hasselhoof (NZ) was raised from humble beginnings in the mighty Waikato, brought up on the lush pastures located at Sir Peter Vela’s Pencarrow Stud.

Nowadays, Hasselhoof has come full circle, returning to his roots and retiring at Pencarrow Stud. He spends his time looking after yearling colts before they get separated to start their sale preparation.

Hasselhoof will continue to fly the Kiwi flag, shaping young Pencarrow-bred colts into the brilliant performers they are destined to become.

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Hasselhoof (NZ)