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filly : 16/11/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Rasa Lila (NZ)

Rasa Lila has produced an impressive filly by Super Seth. This foal has more size and muscle than her previous offspring. She has a very attractive action that covers the ground in effortless style. Being from such an elite international family, this filly is an exciting prospect for the future.

colt : 15/11/21

Ocean Park (NZ) - Makarska (NZ)

Markaska has foaled a strapping colt by Ocean Park. This foal has strength from his mother and scope from the sire. This is an established Pencarrow Stud family and access to proven stallions of Ocean Park's caliber should see it continue to thrive.

filly : 12/11/21

Darci Brahma (NZ) - Choreography (NZ)

Choreography has delivered a very impressive filly by proven sire Darci Brahma. This filly is a 3/4 sister to Rasa Lila who claimed the Travis stakes (Gr2) among her many successes. This is an international family and we are delighted to have such an athletic filly to represent it the future.

filly : 10/11/21

Ten Sovereigns (IRE) - Persuasive (NZ)

Persuasive has foaled a robust filly by promising young sire Ten Sovereigns. This foal has more bone and muscle than her previous offspring and it seems she has matured into a productive broodmare now.

filly : 08/11/21

Savabeel (AUS) - Sopraffina (NZ)

Sopraffina has produced an impressive filly by Savabeel. This foal is a three quarter sister to Supera and is built in the classic mold of Savabeel fillies. Being a granddaughter of the great Ethereal it is hard not to get excited about what she might achieve on the track later in her career.

filly : 07/11/21

US Navy Flag (USA) - Fond du Coeur (IRE)

Fond du Coeur has delivered a lovely quality filly by US Navy Flag. This filly has a real presence about her which is coupled with an athletic action. US Navy Flag has left a very uniform line of foals and we look forward to presenting some impressive yearlings by him this year.

filly : 05/11/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Irion (NZ)

Irion has foaled a lovely filly by Super Seth. This foal has ample scope and bone and is very well muscled, as are all the Super Seth foals we have seen at Pencarrow this year.

filly : 05/11/21

Charm Spirit (IRE) - Miss Scarlatti (NZ)

We have been waiting for the opportunity to retain a daughter of Miss Scarlatti. She has provided us with that option when producing a classic looking filly by proven sire Charm Spirit. This is a productive and hard wearing family that has a big future with the stud.

colt : 03/11/21

Ace High (AUS) - Dark and Stormy (NZ)

Dark and Stormy has delivered an impressive colt by young sire Ace High. This colt is the heaviest recorded for the season weighing in at 73kg. He has quality to go with his frame and is sure to mature into an eye catching individual over the next few months.

filly : 31/10/21

Ten Sovereigns (IRE) - Asama Blue (IRE)

It is always exciting to deliver a quality filly from one of the worlds most highly regarded families. Asama Blue has given us that opportunity when producing a lovely filly by young sire Ten Sovereigns. This filly has a bright attitude and assured presence about her

colt : 29/10/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Wildflower (NZ)

Stakes winning mare Wildflower has produced an imposing colt by promising young sire Super Seth. This colt weighed in at 68kg and has quality to accompany his physique. He is well muscled as with most of the foals by this impressive young sire.

colt : 29/10/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Cote d'Or (NZ)

Cote D'or combined great athletic ability with classic, good looks during her racing days. We think her colt by Super Seth will have that same combination when his time comes. He has good size and development and his mothers classic action.

filly : 27/10/21

Ocean Park (NZ) - Palace Gardens (NZ)

Palace Gardens has delivered a filly by outstanding sire Ocean Park. The filly has a beautiful walk, with great length to her stride. She is from the family of foundation mare Richebourg and has a bright future ahead of her.

filly : 19/10/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Sweet Dreams Baby (NZ)

Sweet Dreams Baby has foaled a valuable filly by Super Seth. This talented mare has already produced two stakes winners . Being such an athletic type, the filly will be a welcome addition to the racing team in the future.

colt : 17/10/21

Darci Brahma (NZ) - Opito Bay (IRE)

Opito Bay has delivered an impressive colt by Darci Brahma. The foal appears to have a great reign and length about him. He is strongly muscled and has a very well balanced action.

colt : 17/10/21

Eminent (IRE) - La Adelita (NZ)

La Adalita has delivered a very smart colt by Eminent. Being close coupled and well muscled this colt has a mature look to him already. He has a very fluent action to go with his inquisitive nature

colt : 14/10/21

Snitzel (AUS) - Guiseppina (NZ)

Guiseppina has produced one of the highligths of the season when delivering her colt by champion sire Snitzel. Being out of a Telegraph Handicap (Gr1) winner, this colt won't lack speed genes in his pedigree. His progress will be followed with interest

colt : 13/10/21

Pierro (AUS) - Breeze (IRE)

Breeze has produced an impressive colt by proven sire Pierro. The foal has impressive muscle and length about him. For a big foal he moves very well with an easy action. He is sure to develop into an imposing individual over the next few weeks.

filly : 11/10/21

Charm Spirit (IRE) - Navy Beach (NZ)

Navy Beach has foaled an attractive filly by Charm spirit. This classy filly is from an outstanding international family which includes Matamata breeders stakeswinner Te Akau Coup.

filly : 11/10/21

Eminent (IRE) - Miss Rokocoko (NZ)

Miss Rokocoko has Produced her first foal, a filly by promising sire Eminent. This young So You Think mare has excelled with her first effort at stud. She now has an imposing filly with great quality to kick start her breeding career.

filly : 04/10/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Sopra Tutto (NZ)

Its always an exciting time when an older mare produces a valuable filly for the farm. Sopra Tutto has just foaled an outstanding filly by Super Seth. This half sister to Supera and Eleonora will one day race in the blue and white hoops before retiring to Pencarrow stud to carry on the legacy of this great family

filly : 04/10/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Silver Eclipse (NZ)

Stakeswinning mare Silver Eclipse has delivered a filly by Promising young sire Super Seth. Silver Eclipse represents a line of four consecutive stakes winners to race in the colours of Pencarrow Stud tracing back to the outstanding mare Finezza Belle

filly : 30/09/21

Ten Sovereigns (IRE) - Star Jasmine (NZ)

Star Jasmine has produced a quality filly by Ten Sovereigns. A daughter of champion broodmare sire Encosta de Lago this mare always produces an attractive foal and this filly is no exception. She is well muscled with a great hip and shoulder.

filly : 29/09/21

Blue Point (IRE) - Mojave Aster (NZ)

Mojave Aster has foaled a classy filly by champion sprinter Blue Point. This Zabeel mare has thrown her usual classic looks into her foal, quality and length coupled with a strong action.

filly : 25/09/21

Nicconi (AUS) - Sloane Street (NZ)

Sloane Street has delivered a quality filly by proven sire Nicconi. This is a very correct and athletic individual. Being from the immediate family of J'Dane this filly has a bright future in front of her.

filly : 24/09/21

Eminent (IRE) - Pink Bubbles (NZ)

Pink Bubbles has foaled an impressive filly by Eminent. This appears to be a good cross as the foal has good medium size with plenty of strength and scope for future development

colt : 24/09/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Giammetti (NZ)

Giammetti has delivered an impressive colt by Super Seth. This young Fastnet Rock mare has made a good start to her career putting two imposing colts on the ground in her first two seasons at stud.

filly : 23/09/21

US Navy Flag (USA) - Supera (NZ)

Supera has produced her first foal, a quality filly by US Navy Flag. The filly has impressive scope and length. All coupled with natural muscle and substance.

colt : 20/09/21

Too Darn Hot (GB) - Podravina (NZ)

Podravina has delivered a striking colt by Too Darn Hot. This colt is a particularly good effort from a maiden mare having a good mix of size, substance and quality.

colt : 11/09/21

Vadamos (FR) - Magnolia (NZ)

Magnolia has foaled a colt by promising sire Vadamos. This foal is very typical of his sire possesing scope and a sound conformation.

filly : 09/09/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Sleeping Beauty (NZ)

Sleeping beauty has delivered an oustanding filly by Super Seth. This young sire has made a good impression with his first foals and this filly is a great example, possesing strength, balance and quality.

filly : 08/09/21

US Navy Flag (USA) - Aveiro (NZ)

Aveiro has produced her second foal, a quality filly by US Navy Flag. This filly is close coupled and well muscled. She has inherited her sires great walking action.

colt : 07/09/21

Rubick (AUS) - Biddable (NZ)

Biddable has foaled an impressive colt by proven sire Rubick. Rubick introduces the genes of Encosta de Lago and Redoutes Choice to a family that has responded so well to them in the past. This well muscled foal is a great result for the mating.

colt : 06/09/21

Too Darn Hot (GB) - Posavina (NZ)

Posavina has delivered an outstanding colt by Too Darn Hot. This colt has plenty of quality combined with good bone and muscle. He has an impressive action and will continue to develop over time.

filly : 05/09/21

Vadamos (FR) -

Mirazur has produced her first foal, a filly by promising sire Vadamos. This young Darci Brahma mare comes from the family of Riverina Charm and NZB filly of the year Sarwatch, so this filly will eventually be a welcome addition to the stud racing team.

colt : 05/09/21

Savabeel (AUS) - Scintillula (IRE)

Scintillula has delivered a strapping colt by champion sire Savabeel. She has stamped this foal with plenty quality and substance in her usual manner.

colt : 05/09/21

Darci Brahma (NZ) - Sommaripa (NZ)

Sommaripa has foaled an impressive colt by leading sire Darci Brahma. This colt has good natural muscle and scope for future development. He should develop into an quality individual.

colt : 02/09/21

Exceed and Excel (AUS) - Barbadine (USA)

Barbadine has provided one of the highlights for the year when producing a striking colt by champion sire Exceed and Excel. A very athletic colt with lots of quality, this foal will create a lot of interest going forward.

colt : 02/09/21

US Navy Flag (USA) - Peppino (NZ)

Peppino has foaled an imposing colt by US Navy Flag. This is a tremendous effort for a maiden mare as the foal has size and natural development to compliment. There is a strong influence from damsire Savabeel about this colt.

filly : 29/08/21

Vadamos (FR) - Lycia (NZ)

Lycia has delivered a very attractive filly by Vadamos. This filly has real quality and scope. She is very typical of the Vadamos foals previously born at Pencarrow stud.

colt : 29/08/21

Ace High (AUS) - Atacama (NZ)

Atacama has delivered an impressive colt by Ace High. This foal has lovely muscle and strength, coupled with an exciting action.

colt : 26/08/21

All Too Hard (AUS) - Key to Dance (IRE)

Key to Dance has foaled an imposing colt by leading sire All Too Hard. This colt weighs in at 72kg and has a good combination of size and quality.

colt : 18/08/21

Written Tycoon (AUS) - Dolmabache (NZ)

Dolmabache has foaled an impressive colt by Written Tycoon. This colt is well muscled and close coupled. He has a good walk an an athletic look to him. Dolmabache will visit Circus Maximus this season.

filly : 16/08/21

Vadamos (FR) - Paris (NZ)

Paris has delivered a very attractive filly by promising sire Vadamos. This filly moves well and has good size and bone. She has thrown very much to her damsire More Than Ready

colt : 14/08/21

Super Seth (AUS) - Corinthia (NZ)

Corinthia has delivered the first Pencarrow offspring of Super Seth with the arrival of an impressive colt this morning. This is a well muscled and athletic type with good scope for further development. He is a half brother to stakes-winning mare Siracusa

colt : 13/08/21

Alabama Express (AUS) - Surtout (NZ)

Surtout has delivered her first foal, a colt by Group One winner Alabama Express. Surtout is a half sister to Supera and Eleonora